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We are Lisa & LeeAnn. What gets our hearts pumping, besides big, beautiful cups of coffee, is helping people have more time to do what they love. That’s why we have created to make love connections more simple between engaged couples and wedding vendors in a busy world.

Once upon a time, Lisa met LeeAnn and it was love at first sight. We were at a bridal show in 2006, Lisa as a wedding planner and LeeAnn as a wedding photographer. We were fast friends. We began referring clients to each other and working together as much as we could, because why not?

Our friendship blossomed into a boss-lady partnership when we created the Denton Bridal Show in 2015. We love seeing small businesses flourish and happy couples find their dream wedding cakes, dresses, and photographers with ease. Our business was booming and yet something in our hearts called us to do more.

We have always wanted to help people beyond just their wedding day. We really want people to live happily ever after. We began asking questions and doing our due diligence: market research.

At our local show, we asked couples if today’s internet culture either helped or harmed their wedding planning, and, ultimately, their relationship.

We were blown away by the responses. People loved our show, but they just wanted to book everything from their phones! They wanted to see who the vendors were online, with transparent pricing and information presented in an authentic way that they could connect with…and fast. So they could snuggle up with their boo instead of spending time and money driving here and there.

They were asking for an Online Bridal Show.


We are here to serve, so we hit the ground running. We could see how an Online Bridal Show could help business owners as well. Business owners can create their listing, post their pricing and upload a video tour of their services. enables couples to plan their weddings in their PJ’s and vendors to book weddings while they sleep. We spent a year asking questions, doing homework, interviewing business owners and compiling research. It’s been challenging and we have learned a lot, but we’re not afraid of hard work. Lisa is an ex-cop and LeeAnn is a former Marine Intelligence Analyst and we are both moms and wives. We have drawn on all of our skills and a collective 40 years of experience in the wedding industry.

So that’s what we are about. We offer you a powerful tool in The site is beautiful in its design, efficacy and purpose. But it’s also a beast in its breadth and scope; connecting thousands of engaged couples with their dream wedding team. We aspire to encourage more people to have more time to focus on the big picture… love. That is what Brideologist is all about.

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